Difference Between Cuina Modular Kitchen & Interior and Carpenter Made Kitchens

Carpenter Made Kitchens
Cuina Modular

Design Option

Limited options, depending on the carpenter's resources
We make design according to your need & kitchen measurement.


Hand-made ,and thus lacks precision, finish and quality
High Quality Finish.

Time Span

Depends on the efficiency of the carpenter / Both fabrication and assembling is done on site , means your home turns into a workshop for a very long time
Smaller time period / Work done at site as well as our workshop.

Planing & Design

Lacks the know how of space management / You have little or no control on the final product
- Space Management / Full Control

After - Sales Service

- Non-existent
Full After-Sales Service.

Cost Effectiveness

In terms of money spent- a cheaper option. / Convenience and looks deteriorate over usage , meaning more money spent servicing.
Comparatively Costlier but better choice / Less Maintenance and servicing required